The Slayerettes Podcast is a retrospective of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

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As lovers of Tumblr, The Slayerettes have decided to open up a blog of its own for anything and everything Buffy-related. Sometimes we'll talk about the Podcast, but mostly we will focus on sharing all things Buffy!

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Hi! So, I’m actually not a current listener of your podcast, but am looking to start soon. I realize that you’ve said in the past that you won’t be engaging in any Angel discussions until after you’re completely finished with Buffy, but I feel as though interspersing the two would be beneficial as there are many interlocking storylines between the two shows that are left disjointed when discussed separately. I’m a somewhat newbie to the series (currently on season 4), but I’ve been watching both BtVS and AtS according to a corroborated viewing guide - located here if you’re interested - and I believe it’s created a much stronger presence than if I were to view them as two differing entities. One such event I’d like to point out is the phone call that occurs between Buffy and Angel in “The Freshman” and “City of”, where you see her picking up the phone before hang up when she doesn’t get an answer, only to realize it was Angel on the other line when you follow it up with the AtS premiere. Another huge instance is the following of “Pangs” with “I Will Remember You” (which absolutely ripped my heart out, I have to say), and I’m sure there are others that I have no idea of because I haven’t reached those points yet. I realize that it means double the time and double the work to analyze double the episodes, but it also negates the notion of following the Buffy podcast with the Angel podcast because they’re melded into one. I don’t know, just a thought, and I might be way out of line or you could’ve completely fleshed this out on the podcast already, but thank you for reading anyway.

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